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Aaron Tippin
Nov 2001 Wallpaper Links

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I designed the first wallpaper using the graphics included in Aaron's newest single release, 'Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly.'  Please make sure you purchase this CD; the song is dynamite and all the proceeds will be donated to the victims of the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington DC and Pennyslvania.

Also make sure you continue to request this song with your local radio stations.  Aaron had said that this will be the most important song in his career.  Let's show him his is right.  And, don't forget to request the video at both CMT and GAC; the video will touch your soul.

The second wallpaper includes photos I took of Aaron singing 'Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly' at a concert in South Boston, VA on 06 Oct 2001.  The middle photo is where Aaron explains to the audience why he chose to release this particular song.  He explains that he was inspired by a cameraman's view of the Statue of Liberty with Manhattan in the background; hence, the words beneath the photo.  Enjoy....

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Oct 31, 2001

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